Why Us

Service with a Smile

Co-packing, Care, Cleanliness, Confidentiality, Custom solutions, Customer-focused, Clean room services! cGMP FDA listed

Clean Room Filling

Let us help you automate the production of your custom craft product offerings in glass and plastic. Offering many capping solutions such as eyedroppers, drip tips, squirt tips, flat and childproof.

Confidentiality is Nice

Yes, there are hundreds of published formulas but yours are integral to your brand and success…we keep you secure.

Quality Control is Nice

Documented process of every step from raw goods to finished product is part of our service.

Standardization is Nice

Calibrated filling ensures customer satisfaction. Automation is fast and cost effective and takes the tedium and stress out of large order fulfillment. Quality Control!

Customization is Nice

Silica gel packs. Shrink-bands. Endless variety of capping solutions. Boxes and Inserts. Fulfillment.

Clean is Nice

All mixing, filling and capping is done in our Soft Wall clean room. We wash our glass bottles – not everyone does! We use all food grade or clean room containers for mixing, filling and storing.

About Us

Looking for automated as well as small batch bottling solutions? We are B2B bottlers who will formulate or receive your pre-made products as well as filling, labeling and shipping. Offering glass and plastic with many possible cap combinations. Stainless steel filler with food-grade calibrated delivery system ensures product purity and confidence. All formulation and product fill done in our clean room with documented batch product and facility control protocols. Prime location near East coast interstate highways and RDU International Airport. FDA Voluntary Registered Cosmetic Product Establishment. FDA Listed Tobacco Manufacturer. fda-registered-outsourcing-facilities